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Melaleuca & Bathurst Channel via the south coast of Tasmania

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Melaleuca and Southern Wilderness Area
Via the south coast of Tasmania

All Melaleuca and Southern Wilderness Area scenic flights include South Bruny Island and a 2 hour stop over at Melaleuca to explore the site.

  • Melaleuca Drop-Off or Pick-Up only:
    This is for the really adventurous who wish to either hike into or out of this amazing wilderness area - or perhaps just stay there a few days.

    Assumes that extra person and/or any hiking gear/cargo does not exceed safety weight limit.

  • Melaleuca Scenic Flight 1
    Arrive via Tasmanian South Coast & Maatsuyker Island, return via Federation Peak.

    Flight time is approximately 1.2 to 1.5 hours

  • Melaleuca Scenic Flight 2 (Extended )
    Arrive via Tasmanian South Coast, Maatsuyker Island and Port Davey.
    Return via Federation Peak, Vanishing Falls and Hartz Mountain Range.

    Flight time approx. 2.25 to 2.5hrs

  • Melaleuca Scenic Flight 3 (Ultimate)
    Arrive via Tasmanian South Coast, pass Port Davey, up the west coast to Elliott Point fly up and over the Franklin range to Strathgorden dam, fly over beautiful Lake Pedder then down the valley to Davey River, which we follow to Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour landing at Melaleuca air strip.

    Flight time approx. 3.0 to 3.75hrs

Destination: Melaleuca Airstrip

Though the destination is the Melaleuca Airstrip, this is definitely a case where it's all about the journey and the absolutely amazing scenery. Awesome rating for this flight is off the scale.

Begin your discovery of the south of Tasmania by flying along Bruny Island’s slim neck up to Adventure Bay and the east coast, then continuing over to the Friars, Cloudy Bay and the historic lighthouse (see South Bruny Island flight page for photos). Before following the beautiful south Tasmanian coastline down to Maatsuyker Island and lighthouse. We then continue to follow the coast up to the Bathurst Channel before gently landing at the Melaleuca airstrip.

A 2 hour stopover allows time to explore the Melaleuca site. While you are there, enjoy a pleasant walk around the old tin mine and take the award winning 1.2km Aboriginal Needwonnee board walk that weaves its way through the low forest and buttongrass plains and learn about the history of the original inheritance. You may also get an opportunity to view one of the world’s rarest birds the Orange-bellied Parrot from the purpose built bird hide.

Longer, full day excursions to Melaleuca which may accommodate scenic cruises and Kayak expeditions of the region may be booked in advance, and are subject to flight and water-craft availability. Drop-offs and/or pick-ups at Melaleuca for serious wilderness hikers can also be arranged (see prices above).

On the flight back, look out over the breathtaking south west wilderness and view some of Australian tallest cliff as you fly past Federation Peak and see the unique vanishing falls as we continue to the township of Geeveston, follow the Huon river and up D’Entrecasteaux channel before returning to the airstrip about 3 and a half hours later, having spent a glorious 85 minutes soaring above the landscape.

Leaving Bruny Island behind and traveling southward ...

Looking South-West: Eliza Pt - Recherche BayLooking South-West: Eliza Pt., Recherche Bay

Looking South-West: CatamaranLooking South-West: Catamaran

Maatsuyker Island GroupMaatsuyker Island Group

Cloudy Bay and Blue Devil Rock, Bruny IslandSouth West Cape - Looking North

South Bruny Island: Cape Bruny Lighthouse
Stephens Bay

South Bruny Island: Cape Bruny Lighthouse
Shanks Islands - and yes, that is a small fishing boat in the upper left of the photo.


South West Bruny IslandBathurst Channel looking East towards Bathurst Harbour and Melaleuca

South West Bruny IslandBathurst Harbour

The Melaleuca site offers a range of activities from quick exploration opportunities of the aboriginal habitat and tin mining sites, to longer duration kayak and/or boating expeditions which need to be booked in advance). Melaleuca can also be used a staging point for serious wilderness hikers keen to explore Tasmania's rugged south west.

South West Bruny IslandMelaleuca Boating Facilities

Below are some scenes from the journey back to Bruny Island airfield.

Tahune Airwalk complex from aboveTahune Airwalk complex on the Huon River, seen from above (pre 2019 bushfires)

Huon River ValleyLooking south down the Huon River Valley as seen from above Huonville

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